A Diablo 3 Clan


Welcome to the Demons Bane clan website. We are a new up and coming Reaper of Souls clan (ROS). Our clan has a mix of experienced and causal diablo players. We welcome all types of players because we know that it's all about having fun and making new friends! Our clan members are from all parts of the US and even South America. We will never pressure members into playing because that's not what we are all about. We realize people have lives outside the game. In fact, most of our clan leaders are married and or have kids! We do plan on having regular events such as bounties, nephalem rift runs or just grinding exp. We also don't mind rushing new diablo players so they can jump right in the end game action with us. You can check out our clan calendar on this site or check our posts in game. Whatever your gaming preference is, we welcome it! So gear up and let's enjoy ROS together! May all your hits be crits!

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